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Mix Tandoori Sizzler

Mix Tandoori Sizzler $20.00 Mixed platter of fish, chicken, shirmp.

Malai Tikka

Malai Tikka $17.00 Boneless chicken breast pieces marinated with cream and butter and cooked in tandoor.

Tandoori Prawns

Tandoori Prawns $18.00 Eight marinated jumbo prawns, barbecued with exotic spices.

Fish Tikka

Fish Tikka $18.00 Cod marinated in homemade yogurt and garlic.

Seekh Kebab

Seekh Kebab $18.00 Tender rolls of minced lamb mixed with royal spices.

Chicken Tikka

Chicken Tikka $17.00 Boneless chicken marinated in yogurt, ginger, garlic and exotic spices.

Tandoori Chicken

Tandoori Chicken $17.00 Half a chicken on the bone, marinated in yogurt, ginger, garlic and lime juice.